Free Energie for All! An Interview with Prof.Claus Turtur (engl)

Prof . Dr. rer. nat. Claus Turtur,
Physics Professor at the OSTFALIA Technological University of Science and Mechanics in Wolfenbuettel, Germany.
Prof. Turtur’s current field of research: Zero-Point-Energy of the Quantum-Vacuum and its application as an ecological, inexpensive and inexhaustible source of energy.
As a Guest Researcher at the Otto-von-Gerricke-University in Magdeburg, Germany, Prof. Turtur succeeded in proving, according to his theoretical research, the existence of the Zero-Point-Energy. He was able to demonstrate the transformation of this energy into classical, usable mechanical energy.
His research objective is to increase the performance of Zero-Point-Energy-Converters, for ecological industrial application. Due to lack of financial support, he was forced to suspend his research and is currently looking to connect with investors.

Another research programm for Free Energies in the USA :
The Breakthrough Energy Mouvement (USA)

Pls share with ALL!

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