What it is :

A platform  of  Video-Interviews about people, creators of new ideas, new structures – for a new world.

Informs about :

The creations and the work of the carriers, catalystes of change, evolutionary leaders : people that have found alternative solutions and ways in different areas of life, such as :

  • Health / Personal Growth / Relationships
  • Education
  • Environment / Habitat
  • Social Innovations
  • Finances
  • Business / Economics
  • Science / New Technologies

… and their inspirational stories.

Designed for who?

People looking for inspirations, motivations, alternative solutions in different domains of their lifes.

People  seeking to re-gain confidence in the creative capacities of  human nature.

People looking for personal motivation to create something new that  corresponds exactly to their aspiration or vocation.

People desiring to join groups which correspond to their deep-felt ambitions, by contributing in their spare time. Or even by starting a new professional career through it.

People, desiring to become evolutionary leaders in their fields.

What it is not :

In-Spire is not a political or a religious institution.

It is not dependent on commercial or publicity benefits.

In-Spire seeks to inform on the most global way,  above all.

The Why

Human society is undergoing deep structural changes. Many old systems, such as financial, political and social establishments seem about to collapse. The environmental  situation is alarming, natural resources are being exploited. Until when?

Humanity will not survive if it is not ready to change its paradigm now.

However, as evolution of life on this planet has proven it again and again, crises and problems are evolutinary drivers. Crises precede transformation or extinction. Humanity has, for the first time in its existence, the occasion to consciously choose between evolution or extinction.

It has been proven that fighting the old systems or structures will not help to do the transformational steps. Old structures, often corrupt and impenetrable, will only increase their efforts to persist and to resist.

To make an effective change, means, finding new models that make the old obsolete and replace it – step by step .

Nature creates quantum jumps in the evolution of species by connecting new separate parts who, in a synergistic way, create a whole new system of these species.

The challenge is information and connection of the different parts of the new, emerging structures. It is crucial for humanity to be informed about the new evolutionary models, to be able to choose and participate in evolution towards a Universal Humanity, an improved global state of society.

Internet is a wonderful tool for this. These videos have the objectif to better connect the different groups and people, and to help them to join in.

Through greater synergy and cooperation we might be able to do the next quantum jump to a more evolved Universal Human Being and Society.

About Petra Popp

First and above, she is profoundly grateful for all the wonderful helpers that assist her in this endeavor.

Second, she doesn’t like to talk about herself. Important is that she IS – and her vision. 

This vision is to inform globally about new solutions that help humanity evolve and connect people in that sense.

Her international background helps and motivates her to go beyond frontiers (inside- and out), – and inform about the solutions in different places of the world.

Some of her highest values are : Informing,Connecting,…Inspiring.

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