POC 21 – international-open-source-innovation-camp at its very best !

POC21 is a Proof Of Concept that an open-source, collaborative and sustainable society can be build bottom-up.

Imagine 100+ makers, designers, engineers and more, joining forces for five weeks of co-living and co-making. Their mission: collaboratively prototype the 12 best open source solutions to supply basic human needs of energy, housing, food, mobility and communications.

Ours: Unite, support and accelerate these pioneers, during our 5-week innovation camp. A unique event between a summer school, a “Green Fab Lab” and an innovators residency, happening from Aug 15th to Sept 20th near Paris, at Millemont Castle.

Ahead of COP21 Climate Conference, we will spread this new breed of sustainable products, “sexy like Apple but open like Linux”, in a unique blend of IKEA catalogue and Whole Earth Catalog.

Co-produced by OuiShare and OpenState, with the kickass support of many cool partners and friends 🙂

12 projects. 50 participants. World-class mentors. Hundreds of supporters. 1 Goal: Open Sourcing Sustainability!

More info: http://poc21.cc/
facebook/POC 21

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