Interview Erwin Thoma

Interview with Erwin Thoma (Austria) Ecologic Entrepreneur
How to combine the Wisdom of Nature with modern High-Technology

How to build a house that :
° gives its habitants a profound feeling of well-being
° provides a solution for people with allergic intolerance to toxic chemical
° wins all records in thermal insulation, sound-proofness, fire-protection, earth-quake-
stability, and even protection against electro-magnetic-waves.
° is built in only a few days with almost no construction waste
° represents a unique example for sustainability and circular economy

The answer is given by Dr. Erwin Thoma, the fonder of HOLZ 100 (100% pure wood) from the Salzburg area, Austria — a revolutionary new building concept (philosophy, one could say).
After having carefully observed nature and the ecological cycles in forests in his former job as a forester, he combined his observations with old traditions of ‘wood-harvesting’ and wooden construction of houses. They say that by harvesting wood in the cold winter-periods and during decreasig moon-phases (called the moon-wood), construction wood can be obtained with a unique degree of resistance against mold and insects and of remarkable longevity. Chemical components to protect the wood are not necessary any more.
Numerous scientific tests have proven these old techniques as perfectly efficient.
His buildings are made purely out of 100% massive wood, wooden dowels keep the lumber panels together.
A perfect example for the ‘cradle-to-cradle’ concept, or circular economy.
Dr. Thoma’s moto : »Nature provides us by its example with perfect solutions for our present technical and ecological problems. We just have to observe, appreciate — and apply ! »
HOLZ 100 is building world-wide constructions from private houses to complex 5-or-more-story-high hotel- or office-constructions that correspond to the highest technological standards.

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